The Brightest, RF Controled, COB Multi-colored Halo System thats Easier to Install on your Dodge Challenger, Camaro or Jeep than any other Halo System Available

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Ez Install Halos

No cutting, No baking your headlights to install EZ Install Halos to your Dodge Challenger, Camaro or Jeep. These multi-colored halos are not  LEDs. They are the newest in lighting technology known as COB's. COB's offer a much tighter and smoother color mix that displays a light that appears to be one solid color. COB halos are the brightest as well as longest lasting multi-colored halos available today.
Ez Install Halo COBs are low profile and mount to the outside edge of your headlight housing. They are very low profile and when they are not turned on, they are hardly noticeable.
They are 100% Water Proof, 100% Weather Proof, Impact Resistant and are 100% High Pressure Car Wash Proof . The RF Controller works Through Objects up to 100' away and you can make over 400 colors like True White, Pink and Amber, along with many other custom colors you make and save that other halo systems can not produce.
Ez Install Halo's mount on the exterior of your vehicles headlights, they stay much cooler and last years longer than any other multi-colored halo systems. Other Halo systems require their halos to be mounted on the interior of the headlight housing. Heat generated from the halos themselves are minimal, however the vehicles headlight bulbs put out a considerable amount of heat that causes interior mounted halos to fail prematurely. . 
Other halo systems also use IR "Infrared" signal to send the command signal from the hand held remote to the halo's controller that is connected to the halos and control them. The IR type control systems offer poor control because the IR signal is IR "Infrared". Infrared light is invisible to the human eye because of it's longer wavelength and because it is a light, it can not pass through objects or control from very far away. The IR controlled systems have to have a clear line of sight between the hand held remote and the controller that's hooked up to the halos. From my test and experience IR controlled halo systems offer the poorest form of control
Ez Install Halos use a RF "Radio Frequency" halo control system that is considerably more reliable than other control systems. RF "Radio Frequency" communication between a hand held remote and it's controller is the same technology as your cars key fob or your cell phone. Transmission between the hand held remote and the controller hooked up to the vehicles halo's can be controlled through objects such as car doors, walls and windows and from over one hundred feet away.   
Ez Install Halos are the brightest, colorful, longest lasting multi-colored COB halo system available. They are controlled by the best, longest reaching, most versatile RF control system their is and offer more colors as well as control options than any other halo system available today.